Aella Flute Duo


Aella Flute Duo, consisting of Denise Rotavera Krain and Kelly Mollnow Wilson, was created as a performing opportunity for two flutists from New York who relocated to Wayne County, Ohio.  “Aella” means “whirlwind” in Greek and we both like to play and speak with “whirlwind” speed.

We perform music that is originally written for two flutes and love to share information about the pieces and their composers with our audiences.  In our roles as educators, we seek to introduce people to the variety of different sounds that two flutes can make together and to various other members of the flute family including the piccolo and the alto flute.


Listen to Aella Flute Duo perform Les abeilles dans la glycine from Suite Provencale by Daniel Schnyder.

Upcoming Performances


May 20, 2015  – Music on Market Concert Series

Modern Muse Trio / Aella Flute Duo

7:00 pm at  Wooster United Methodist Church, 243 N. Market Street

Free-will offering