Body Mapping

Musicians move for a living.  All of the sounds we make are produced by some sort of movement, yet most musicians are not taught how the body actually works in movement. Body Mapping is a tool that performers and teachers can use to enhance performance, maintain wellness, and prevent injury and discomfort.

Photo by Christopher M. Ricca

Body maps are our own internal representations that we have in our brain about how our bodies work.  We have maps for our body’s size, function, and structure.  When our body maps are accurate, movement is good.  When our body maps are not accurate, then movement suffers.  As we become aware of inaccurate body maps, we can correct them and movement improves as a result.

Kelly is available to present the six hour course What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body®, as well as shorter, more condensed workshops for music educators, collegiate music education students, high school students and other groups of musicians.  She also teaches private Body Mapping lessons for musicians of ages and abilities.  For more information, please click here to email Kelly.

Photo by Christopher M. Ricca


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Instructional DVD about Body Mapping:  Move Well, Avoid Injury